Bring your pool back to life with our Concrete Pool Repairs Gold Coast.

Over a period of time your concrete pool loses its appearance and texture. In order to make your concrete pool complement your home, it is necessary to carry out swimming pool renovations for a smooth finish and also to enhance its texture.

Bring your pool back to life with Concrete Pool Repairs!

If you have an existing swimming pool and require renovations, the team at Fantasy Pools Gold Coast can fix up and repair your concrete pool to such an extent that it will seem brand new. Add some new landscaping features and your entire yard will be transformed so whether you are wanting your concrete pool completely renovated, enlarged or even made smaller to increase your garden size, we can make it happen for you.

We use only high-quality materials for renovating concrete pools. Sometimes by simply renovating with a quality finish you can change the entire look of your pool.

You can opt to have concrete pool resurfacing done to your swimming pool making it resistant to chemical damage.

Before you decide on a concrete pool renovation, it is important to clean your yard, keep pets and children away from the pool area and remove any items in and around the pool area that may get damaged.

Has your concrete pool started to chip or crack?

Cracking and chipping are common problems when it comes to concrete pools.

It could be because of faulty installation or extreme weather conditions that expose the unsightly gunite below the concrete.

Concrete pools allow more options for structural changes and renovations whereby you can transform your old concrete pool into a sophisticated one by integrating spa, adding rock formations and waterfalls and even include a curved spillway.

We are a member of the QBCC as well.

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