How do I get a quote for a concrete pool and or spa pool?

A Fantasy Pools Gold Coast consultant will arrange to meet with you to discuss your ideas, view your plans and perhaps make a visit to your proposed location.

We talk about your lifestyle requirements, wants and needs, and how you view the finished project. We will then supply you with a written quotation.

What is the approx. time frame for my concrete pool or spa pool to be installed?

After receiving building Approvals to commence work from your Local Council, it generally takes approx. 4 – 6 weeks for the completion of your pool and bringing the water to a suitable standard for swimming, for you and your family to enjoy (Subject to weather conditions).

Do I need pool safety fencing around my pool or spa?

Swimming pool and spa pool owners are required by law to have a pool fence or safety barrier around their swimming pool or spa pool. Government standards and regulations stipulate how the fence should be designed and constructed, and also how to maintain the fence in accordance with Australian Standards. Pool fences must by non climbable.

Please contact the Gold Coast City Council for more information.

Do you offer landscaping for my concrete pool?

Fantasy Pools Gold Coast can offer you a wide range of additional works to be carried out around your home. Example, pool fencing, Bali Huts, additional paving around the concrete pool area and retaining walls.